3L Three-peat

Fridays around Regent are pretty quiet, especially with the chill of a Fall morning creeping into the afternoon as the days grow ever shorter with the coming of Winter.

But last Friday was a different story. Last Friday was the Chili Bowl, the culmination of our intramural flag football league. Since this was the 7th installment of the annual game it may not have seemed to be any different than over the past six years. However, this year's game served as a particularly proud one for the Regent Law family as it saw two law teams (3L "The Gong Show" vs. "2L TDs") playing for the title.

The Gong Show, however, had more at stake than this one championship title. Not only did they have the past two titles to defend, but three years of undefeated play. They were not about to let their underclassmen sully their perfect career. Still, the 5-1 2L TDs refused to be intimidated by their opponents' record and were determined to dethrone them.

Hundreds of students, staff, faculty, and family members turned out for the game and tailgate. And in true Regent Law fashion both teams fought hard and refused to give up. But at the end of the day The Gong Show emerged with their title in tact in an all too a propos shut-out (14-0).

This picture describes the 3Ls three-peat and final Chili Bowl better than you could attempt to put into words.

By Molly Eccles

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Chillingly Awesome! (: