The Inauguration

Regent University has a new President. And while the inauguration ceremony was complete with a parade of Dr. Carlos Campo's scholastic and professional accomplishments which have qualified him for the position, it, in true Regent fashion, did not fail to present a personal side to the man we have all already grown to love and respect.

Of all of the facts shared about Dr. Campo, one that stood out was his turning down an acceptance to Carnegie Mellon so that he could care for his family after his mother passed away when he was 17. This reminded us that Dr. Campo is human, not unlike any of the hundreds of other listeners. And the demands of his new position will certainly put his humanity to a test that anyone less dedicated to God would find too great a challenge to bear, making his ability to fulfill the duties of his position all the more commendable.

In spite of his numerous accolades Dr. Campo has made it perfectly clear that his identity is first as a bondservant of Christ, and second as a family man. Had he not unwaveringly dedicated himself to the two he would never have become the man that was chosen to be the President of Regent University. These are the foremost of many reasons he has earned the love and respect of all with whom he comes in contact.

So although the President beside the podium may seem out of reach, the man beside the podium is closer than he seems.

By Molly Eccles

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