Robertson Hall looks a little different

Over the past eight weeks Robertson Hall has come alive with the sound of "rollie bags" clacking across its marble floor, the smell of coffee wafting through the foyer as COGS' (Council of Graduate Students) Law senators provided our students with a mid-morning snack, and the sight of students ascending and descending the staircase (some more frantically than others) in pursuit of their next class.

But last week was Fall Break here at Regent, leaving Robertson Hall - some may say eerily, others peacefully - quiet. Such times of quiet give those of us who stay behind the chance to consider the success of all of the activity that passes through this beautiful foyer to the classrooms and offices beyond its columns, rails, and walls.

Well, it was during this week of relative inactivity and quiet that we received a piece of much anticipated news when we learned of our record high Virginia State Bar passage rate for the July 2010 exam. 85.7% of our first-time takers passed, placing us among the top three schools in the state. Truly God has honored our dedication to His school.

All of a sudden Robertson Hall just looks a little different, and not simply because Fall Break is now over.

By Molly Eccles

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