for My glory

I like to think of this photo as one of those happy accidents of art. I just started using a new camera (new to me, anyway). For whatever reason I've been having the most difficult time getting the thing to focus properly. I took this picture, reviewed it on my LCD, and was elated to find that it was perfectly focused on the two people walking down the path with the background ever so slightly blurred. So when I uploaded it I should have been dismayed to find the whole thing out of focus; but I wasn't. I found that it made the sun the focal point of the image. Then the Spirit reminded me that the Son should be the focal point of my every image; that just as I am the apple of His eye, so does He long to be the apple of mine. As Helen Lemmel's beautiful refrain exhorts "Turn your eyes upon Jesus/ Look full in His wonderful face/ And the things of Earth will grow strangely dim/ In the light of His glory and grace."

And then, while examining the different layers of the image, the people on the brick path, the football game and its onlookers, Robertson Hall and Dr. Robertson's house, all encased by the billowing clouds of the passing storm and illuminated by the setting sun, He reminded me that this is why He told Dr. Robertson to build Regent in the first place: "for My glory."

So maybe this was not a happy accident of art afterall; maybe it was a divinely orchestrated one.

By Molly Eccles

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