Not So Hidden Treasures Found On Campus

Twilight view of Regent Library taken on 1/11/12.
Leaving late from class last Wednesday. I was exhausted from work and class. It was cold and drizzly outside. The trees were bare and I asked God to show me something positive in my situation. How might he make the impending darkness and wintery weather more optimistic for me as I continued on with my day? (Yes, I did ask Him this very question as I lugged my bags to the car and my shoes dampened in the puddles.)

There was little change at first. The asphalt seemed to be the same. The line of cars building up didn't change my impression either. My shoes were getting even wetter and now my jeans too. I loaded up my books in the trunk of my car as it began to pour. For some reason, I turned around instead of quickly rushing to my driver side door. I stopped, probably looking like a nut, as I stared at the amazing beauty revealed to me in such an unexpected way. 

The backdrop as pictured above is of the library seen from the student parking lot that caused me to stare. I see this building every day I come to Regent and even when I leave for the day. In probably over a hundred times of me seeing it, the library had never appeared so warm and playful. The lights from the windows were dancing, an open invitation to enter. I especially enjoyed the reflections off of the ground. The whole vista actually tricked me into thinking I was on a rue in Paris.
Maybe this is why Claude Monet painted so many images of the Rouen Cathedral. An everyday building may appear to look the same at a glance on a daily basis to the average Joe who has his other things on the mind. However, upon closer inspection, the same building from day-in and day-out can look like a completely different place in just the right time of day, lighting conditions, and weather.

My eyes are now peeled (rain or shine). I'm readying my mind and eyes for more artistic revelations of everyday places seen on campus! I asked God to share something positive with me and moments later he undoubtedly did. How unexpected! How joyous! How wonderful!

By Stephanie Hartman

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