A Little Facelift

If you have ever been on Regent’s campus you’ve undoubtedly seen the iconic eternal flame flickering outside of the CBN Studio Headquarters Building. It represents the innumerable souls that have been saved through God’s use of the Christian Broadcasting Network.

What was dedicated as an understated monument to evangelism recently underwent a little facelift. Instead of the sloping solid black base that peaked at the mouth of the flame, a simple, yet bold white silhouette of the globe has been painted over the black background. While this may seem an insignificant act of upkeep, it comes at quite the a propos time here in the law school.

As I type this, 12 Regent Law students are refusing to wait to change the world until after earning their degrees, but have instead fixed their faces like flints on God’s calling for their lives. From Richmond, Va. and San Diego, Ca., to Mexico City, Moscow, India, and South Korea, the 12 interns for the new Center for Global Justice are promoting the rule of law and seeking justice for the world's downtrodden. I could not help but think of these passionate and dedicated students as I walked by the flame that now seems to represent an entirely different aspect of Christ’s love.

The flame was built to represent the Love that saves from sin and death, and now the flame stands to represent the Love that frees from tyranny and oppression.

So next time you pass the flame I challenge you to not only thank God for the salvation of the souls of the people it depicts, but to ask Him for grace and justice for those who haven’t the strength to ask for themselves.

By Molly Eccles

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