Study Break

The first week of December brings feelings of joy and whimsy as lights are hung, trees trimmed, and presents hidden from spying eyes. For Regent Law students this serves as the last week of classes for the semester. While this is clearly cause for joy, that sense of euphoria is tainted by the knowledge that finals are just days away. And while the disappearance of law students during these December days has become something akin to a Regent urban legend, you need only know where to look for them: the Law Library.

Carrel after carrel and table after table are home to law students doing whatever is necessary to prepare for their finals. For some that means using an iPod to tune out the world around them, while others seem to let the words of the multiple books and outlines engulfing them produce the same effect. For the unsuspecting subject of this photo it means taking a nap.

Who doesn’t know that feeling of reading several pages of text before realizing you have no idea what any of it was about, or of reading the same line countless times? What about that involuntary response of the head to the body’s depleted energy supply, known as “the nod?” These are the times when you realize that a nap, though seemingly accomplishing nothing, is the most productive thing you can do.

Let’s face it, sometimes the best study tool is a study break.

By Molly Eccles

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