New Law Carrels Have More Elbow Room

This summer, the Regent Law Library completed another phase of its renovation project: updating the study carrels. The new carrels are up to 5 inches wider and 15 inches longer than the old ones, which means students have a lot more elbow room.

At first glance, the new carrels look just like the old versions, which are featured here:


You could cram a lot into this cubbie, but you'd feel claustrophobic studying amongst all this stuff. Add a laptop and one more law book, and there's no room to think.

The old carrels' dimensions ranged from 25 inches x 35 inches to 30 inches x 40 inches. The new carrels are 30 inches x 50 inches, which means you have enough space for you and your 15-inch laptop, hefty law books, a few pictures of friends and family, and sacks. The old carrels couldn't achieve that feat! 

Here's the new layout for the larger carrels: two-by-two with an additional table.

A carrel with room to stretch out. Happy studying!

This post is by Rachel Smith, a writer for the Regent Law Marketing and Communications Department.

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