Spotlight on Incoming 1L Natasha Johnson

Q. If you could only tell the Regent Law community one thing about yourself, what would it be? 
A. I am a hoarder of random facts!

Hometown: Tacoma, Washington
Undergraduate School: University of Phoenix
Major: Human Services

Q. Which life events and personal/professional goals brought you to law school? 
A. My genuine desire to help people live happy, mentally-healthy lives. I have always been a fighter for the things I want in life—no matter how down I became and despite what others told me. I believe that if you can connect with at least one person who believes in you, that spark can be fanned into a flame that destroys all the other garbage the world throws at you.

Q. How did you know that Regent Law is the right law school for you? 
A. I honestly heard God tell me, “Regent!” I was not thinking about specific law schools. I simply told God, “You tell me where to go and pay for it, and I will go!” I was on my way to work one morning, and He said where I needed to go. I am following His guidance.

When I began my research on law schools, I had no idea that Regent existed. Halfway through, one of my mentors mentioned it to me and thought the school would be a great fit for me, so I applied.

Q. What does becoming a lawyer mean to you? 
A. It means achieving a life-long goal and fulfilling the purpose God has for me. For friends and family, it means free legal counsel, but I am okay with that too.

Q. How will you spend your last summer before law school? 
A. Resting! I have been going strong as an undergraduate student for the past three years, and I am looking forward to at least six weeks of sleeping and spending time with my family and friends.

Q. What kind of law do you hope to practice after graduation? 
A. Public Interest or Human Rights law. I feel compelled to work with human trafficking agencies and victims—I’m just not sure if I will do it in America or abroad.

Q. What is your favorite book and why? 
A. My favorite book is The Giver. That book really opened my eyes to living in a world that feels strange and unfamiliar, even though it is the only world you have ever known. Growing up, I was always well-liked but never quite fit, even when I tried my hardest to fit in with the crowd. This book helped me to cope with those feelings in a healthy way and seek out what makes me different.

Q. What is your favorite Bible verse? 
A. Goodness! Only one? Recently, I have been meditating on Isaiah 43:1: “Now this is what the Lord says—the One who created you, Jacob, and the One who formed you, Israel—‘Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are Mine.’”

Q. You have a rare weekend in which nothing is on your schedule. What will you do with the free time? 
A. On those rare weekends (believe me, they have been rare these past three years), I am either hanging around my friends, loving on their kids, at the beach or lake, or veggin’ somewhere.

Q. Is there anything else you would like your peers and future law students to learn about you? 
A. I cannot wait to meet you all and go on this journey together. I am nervous, overwhelmed, excited, and dumbfounded all at the same time. I am usually the planner, and this is one time where I have no plan outside of coming to Regent and learning. No back up. All my eggs are in this basket, and I am completely dependent upon God to get me through every high and low.

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