Spotlight on Beau Hoffman, 2L

Beau Hoffman, 2L
Q. Where are you from?
A. A small town in central Pennsylvania called Lewisburg where we do things like play roof-tag, paintball with sling-shots, and sleep in our tree stands.  

Q. How did you spend your summer? 
A. This past summer I was able to do an internship with the District Attorney's office back in Lewisburg, PA (my hometown). This was great because I got do a lot of the writing for our DA and sit in on the court proceedings. I also got to interact with judges and other lawyers so it was a great way for me to get my foot in the door where I hope to work someday. Most importantly though, I got married. For our honeymoon I went to the Grand Cayman Islands and went horseback riding, swam with stingrays in the ocean, and ate at some incredible restaurants!

Q. What does becoming a lawyer mean to you?
A. Providing a complete and competent defense to every individual regardless of their charge. This is what Jesus did for me and it is what I want to do for the 'bad guys'.

Q. What do you wish you knew before you started law school?
A. How fun it could be. Sure, it is a lot of work, but the harder you work the harder you play, right?

Q. What surprised you most about Regent?
A. How incredible the faculty is at Regent. During the first devotion, I thought I mistakenly wandered into a divinity class. It is pretty awesome to have every professor pray for you at the beginning of every class.

Q. How is law school different from your college experience?
A. Not being on a sports team for the first full year of my life since I was about four is a little difficult. I went from being on the football team at a school where academics were secondary, to academically average in an atmosphere that tends to lead people to think grades are everything. Luckily most students at Regent don't get caught up in that mentality.

Q. What is your favorite class so far and why?
A. Call me crazy, but it has to be Propertyand I even had Hernandez. I guess I just enjoy being pushed to the limit, or a little beyond the limit.

Q. What kind of law do you hope to practice after graduation?
A. I think I will move back to my hometown and become a public defender, maybe work for a small practice doing some private defense work, and eventually be a judge. We'll see. I would also like to be a full time missionary for human rights overseas someday, but only God knows.

Q. How would you describe the group of your closest friends found here at Regent?
A. Wild-n-crazy (yeah there is room for that at law school). This may be heresy, but I have found a group that truly doesn't have law school as the most important aspect of their lives and find ways to have fun. There are even rumors of a bowling league that may be started on Friday nights in Chesapeake. Sign up by contacting me via Facebook, but prepare to be dominated.

Q. How do you prefer to study?
A. In my room, with a big glass of chocolate milk and Hillsong radio station on Pandora. I cannot do the library because it is too geared towards studying. I like to trick my mind by thinking it is having a good time.

Q. What is your favorite book of all time and why?
A. This is excruciatingly difficult. I can narrow it down to Through Painted Desert by Donald Miller or By Reason of Insanity by Randy Singer. The first is a true story of Don traveling across the country in an old VW van struggling financially, physically, and with his faith. The second is a legal fiction with too many twists to count. Both fantastic.

Q. What is your favorite Bible verse?
A. Psalm 51:10, 'Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.' As Rick Warren says, “the problem with a living sacrifice is that it can crawl off the altar” and I find myself having to reflect on this verse throughout the day—numerous times.

Q. If you could meet with anyone alive or dead, who would it be and why?
A. Reggie White, aka the 'Minister of Defense'. He was an incredible d-end who used his position in the NFL to be extremely outspoken about his beliefs as a Christian and often found himself criticized for it.

Q. If you could have lunch with any faculty member or administrator at Regent who would it be and why?
A. This is another tough one, but I think I could narrow this down to two as well. I’d like to meet with either Professor Madison to talk about the desert fathers and solitary devotion or Professor Jacob to discuss his experience with adoption.

Q. If you had an entire weekend available, what would you do in the Hampton Roads area?
A. Go to Williamsburg and take a tour of the city and eat a lot of steak and lobster.

Q. Is there anything else you would like your peers or future law students to learn about you?
A.  I'm not a 'typical' law student. I am not incredibly intelligent, not a great writer, not too passionate about studying, or overly dedicated to my school work; I'm just being obedient. If you feel God calling you to do something, follow the Nike symbol because it will work out every time. As the saying goes, "God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called." 

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