Dean Brauch left his bow tie behind for this fashionable 25th anniversary shirt. See below to win one for free.
In 2011, Regent Law celebrated its 25th anniversary. Commemorative T-shirts from the event, as sported by Dean Brauch above, are going to be given away to 20 lucky new Regent Law Facebook Fans. Who wouldn't like a FREE T-SHIRT? If you would like to be one of the lucky 20, you must become or recruit a new Regent Law Facebook fan and tag Regent Law on the wall or in a public post on your own wall. Right now there are exactly 1288 fans. If we can achieve 2012 fans by March 30, Regent Law will randomly select 20 winners. I challenge you and all of your friends to become a fan. It only takes a click! The deadline is March 30th. Time is running out. Do it right now before you forget!

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