The Home Stretch

While the Regent University Library typically boasts extended hours in the final weeks of a semester to ensure students have access to the resources they need for finals prep, Easter fell later than usual this year. Thus, the library was closed and therefore empty for the bulk of the weekend. Most students took advantage of this rather uncharacteristic closure just prior to finals as an excuse to take a day off and enjoy the holiday as a much needed break in the middle of exams.

But first thing Monday morning the law library was back to business as usual with every corner bustling with activity (particularly brain activity) as students pull out all the stops that stand between them and summer vacations and internships.

Some students work best individually, some in closed off carrels on the “quiet side” of the library, others at group tables on the “talking side,” and still others in study rooms. For this group of students, however, the comfortable couches and abundant natural lighting of the Law Library Balcony—which overlooks Robertson Hall, the Communications Building, the Student Center, and the fountain—is the opportune study environment on a sunny spring day. Although a year’s worth of work has boiled down to this week they have refused to be intimidated, but instead kick-up their bare feet and embrace the challenge.

With one week of finals down and just a few days left of the 2010-2011 school year, they are holding on to the hope that they are in the home stretch.

By Molly Eccles

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