The students are not the only people around Regent Law who need a break from all of their hard work as the semester and finals draw to a close. Earlier this week the Law School’s faculty and staff came together for a time of food, fellowship and family at the annual Christmas party.

That the food was delicious and fellowship inspiring goes without saying. But if you had walked through Robertson Hall at just the right time you would have heard the voices of these men and women ringing out in praise to God for sending Jesus to Earth. And while it was certainly a joyful noise to the Lord, it should also serve as such to any student who happened to walk by - not just because the combination of their voices radiated a humble strength from the men and a graceful beauty from the women, but because these people with whom God has entrusted so many lives and callings have made it abundantly clear where their priorities lie.

So although the eyes of the people in this picture may be directed at the lyrics on the screen, that is not where they are focused. Their focus is at the foot of the cross.

By Molly Eccles

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