Live from Strasbourg!

Having already spent two weeks over in Strasbourg, Regent Law student Ashleigh Chapman describes the experience thus far:
"Strasbourg is amazing! With four schools represented –Ave Maria, Handong, Liberty, and Regent – the first two weeks have been spent settling into the program and getting to know each other. Highlights thus far include a variety of special speakers (including a judge from the European Court of Human Rights and the Chair of the Canadian branch of the International Justice Mission); our first long weekend traveling around Europe (students went to Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Paris to name a few adventures); and a truly wonderful (and hilarious) evening spent with former Attorney General John Ashcroft with plenty of ice cream and singing!" 
"Here in Strasbourg there is much to do as well: consuming every conceivable flavor of gelato, light shows at the cathedral every night, fireworks on Bastille Day, cooling off with more gelato, shopping during the nationwide July sales event, biking around the city (did I mention the gelato?). The courses are deepening our understanding of human rights, the history of the western legal tradition, the scope and limitations of Presidential powers in times of war, and the varying approaches to criminal procedure in European countries – and the faculty could not be better! We greatly look forward to three more weeks of fellowship, new experiences, and prayerful considerations of the calling the Lord has placed on each of our lives."
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