Honor to Students Who Serve

I am privileged to learn the law surrounded by amazing people. I am so very proud to be associated with Regent students who are driven and sure of their goal, but moreover students who are aware of those around them who are in need. My classmates sharpen me to be full of faith and an excellent advocate.

The students pictured here are part of Regent's pro-bono Civil Litigation Clinic and have all successfully defended their clients this semester. One of the students, Melissa Hudgins, tells a compelling story about the clinic's impact on her life.

But I wanted to take a moment to give each of these students a shout out for the work they do to impact the lives of others.

I see these students quietly slip into the clinic office at all hours of the day and night. I know there are multiple phone calls to be made, request upon request for documents, and paper trails to unwind. And moreover, the work takes place during a busy school semester while personal illness, family concerns, other classes, and job-hunting compete for the student's time.

From getting food-stamps to being compensated for wrongful discharge, the clients that walked through the door of the clinic this semeseter are better off for what these students did for them. That makes our school more than just an hollow institution where academic thoughts bounce from wall to wall. We are an agent for change -- and that's so cool.

Brad, Kristen, Melissa, Jared, Carling (and Shannon, who is not pictured), you are successful advocates and selfless leaders who make Regent a better place to learn and our community a place where justice can be served. Thank You!

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