Bending Border Line

This is my second fence shot, but I guess that's okay. The lines, design, contrast with the horizon, and function of fences intrigue me.

Do they keep you in or me out?

Sometimes fences pop up in our lives to keep us from potential harm; things beyond our own control.

Oftentimes, fences are erected to keep us from things completely within our own control.

Not many months into my first year of law school, I got the feeling that I was fenced IN. A boundary had been placed around me so that I would not move...not RUN.

The Lord often hedges me in when he wants to protect me from myself.

Everyday at Regent faculty and classmates push me to question my boundaries and think about where I draw the line.

Have I ever truly made a decision to be steadfast in how far someone could push me? Where will my professional boundaries be?

Regardless of where I've put up my fences, are they unattended and battered like this one?

Most importantly, when my boundaries start to waver, do I know how to mend them?

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