What Jackie Sees.

Today, I spent an hour and a half combing Regent University campus with a member of the staff who has likely given thousands of tours in her 17 years at the school. I asked her to show me campus through her eyes so that I could capture unique tidbits and hidden beauty for the newest edition to Regent Law’s website, my Photo of the Week.

Knowledged on the history, architecture, landscaping, wildlife, and d├ęcor of Regent, Jackie Murray sees through this campus’ skeleton to its very heart.

More important than where the bricks came from to build Robertson Hall or what types of columns support the balconies inside (although, she knows, and it is very interesting) is her perspective on what beats below the surface of every inch of campus.

For example, she knows that on the day Robertson Hall was opened in 1993, the presence of the Lord showed up in a visible way. “As the entire staff of Regent and CBN filled the atrium’s three balconies, beautiful rays of light – sunbeams—flowed in through the windows,” she said, welling up a bit. “It’s as if the Lord were filling this place with His blessing. He is here.”

She’s discovered a graffiti artist’s canvas and will let the four small words, “Jesus is the reason” stay undetected because, she says, “He is.”

She knows the personal stories of artists whose art is on display around campus and what sort of connection they have to Regent.

Flash goes my camera. Images of a fountain, a stained glass window, a student appear. Flash goes a year in law school, then two, and three. In the images on these pages I hope to show you and find for myself, a glimpse of what Jackie sees. “He is here.”

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